And now for something totally different

After “defeating” Inquisitor Morgan and the Morninglord, we all rendezvous at a pre-determined spot…because we’re smart like that. Upon reaching this spot Havyrn runs toward a shiny coming from a cave and we all follow her because it’s not a good idea to let poor young Havyrn wander off by herself. Once we are all inside, the door shuts and locks behind us, leaving us to behold a large room with 5 buttons that must be pressed in the correct order to open the door. Once this door has been opened, we come into a room that has a statue of an Androsphynx. The statue comes to life and asks us a riddle. We answer the riddle and are led through a door that has a symbol of what looks like fire on it. When we enter this room, another riddle is asked and a giant flaming sword appears. Niska tries to take it, but is only burned. However after studying it for a while, Sziegfried feels something familiar about the heat emanating from this blade, picks it up, and grins heavily as he now has a giant flaming sword to use. Once exiting that room we found ourselves in a giant sand room that had a huge worm lurking underneath the floor. Aageot quickly disposed of this worm and a rock turns into an elemental, asks us a riddle, and once it is answered, Havyrn recieves a cloak that turns her into a human. The next room is filled with water…and sharks. The sharks prove to be hard to dispatch of, but thanks to some charming by Ayame we disposed of them and out popped a nymph. This nymph was unable to seduce anyone…except the drow, who was smitten and had his wallet stolen. But in return a wonderful charismatic cloak was given to the newest member of the party: Dev. With a few rooms to go, we enter what looks to be the room that controls wind. But there is no fight in this room, so it is fairly easy to best the torrential winds. Once done with this, a silver ring appears, Ayame takes it, and turns invisible. Fun new toy for the druid. The next door happens to contain bones…lots and lots of bones. And once these bones move, they form a skeleton army. But thanks to Dev and her ability to smite the undead, they are easily taken care of. From the remains of these bones comes a dagger with a black handle that appears to suck the life out of whomever is stabbed by it. Aageot suddenly starts drooling, picks it up and does a happy dance. So now everyone has a nifty item exept Niska, but there is still one room to go. Or is there? Once we passed through the doorway we seemed to be surrounded by nothingness. And a large shadowy figure asks us a final riddle. When answered correctly Niska is then presented with a cube of pure oblivion. This unravels anything magical and will destroy almost everything if broken. He is very happy at his new toy. After a few more traps and taking down an iron golem, we are then faced with a choice: go back out to the continent that hates us, or enter through some creepy doorway. Aageot promptly chooses the latter and jumps headfirst through the door. But the others aren’t quite done yet. As they contemplate going after their drow companion, Niska and Ayame have a plan. Niska ties his oblivion cube to a rope, and connects it to Ayame. She then flies over the city that is home to Morninglord, drops the cube, and everything is immediately destroyed by the same giant shady figure that gave the cube to Niska. Once that is done about twenty minutes later, the rest follow Aageot through the doorway only to find themselves in a bright desert with footprints wandering in a random direction. Now they have no way back, and a missing rogue. I suppose this is where the fun part begins.



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