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Summary The world of Rivven has just begun to finish healing after its shattering at the end of the Second Age. Yet while civilization has largely been restored, the world as a whole is still largely unexplored. Few nations or peoples have sent expeditions to new areas, and oversea travel is largely limited to predetermined routes for trade, war, or piracy. Tiny islands litter the oceans, with the sole exception being the blank watery waste of the Stygian Sea. While the general shape of the world is known in areas of higher learning, few nations have dealings with those outside of their direct neighbors.

The Races of Rivven Humanity inhabits much of Rivven, as they were the species that clung to survival best in the during The Breaking. Yet many races still visit or even inhabit many of these human kingdoms, with the exception of the rabidly xenophobic Empire of Kerria, also known as the Iron Empire. Neraka has been known to harbor some of the darker inhabitants of Rivven, including even dark elves, the occasional orc, and the odd tiefling. Andarra allows those they see as the goodly races, mainly elves and the occasional dwarf, to visit and, in some cases, even encourages citizenship, especially in the case of master’s in some valuable craft. Tsuul, the Kingdom of the Sun, accepts trade from essentially all races but “strongly discourages” inhabitation. Finally, there is Azir, which cannot even be defined as a truly human kingdom. All races that agree to live within its rules of society are welcomed.

There is one established elven kingdom, Silvynos. It shares the continental island of Scyros with the human kingdom of Andarra to the north. Elven merchants and travelers are fairly common, but access to other races is tightly restricted. South of Silvynos is Asphodel, a sister island of Scyros. The entire island is a shadowy bog, full of danger from its inhabitants and environment. The city of Maerimydra lies somewhere in this black swamp’s heart, inhabited by the cousin-race and bitter enemies of the Silvynian elves, the drow.

Dwarves can be found in caves of almost any mountain range, living in clans and trading with whomever they can for needed resources. The largest and most influent clan is the Stoneheart, who live on the mountainous island of Petra under the high peak of Erebus.

There are possibly thousands of other races living on Rivven, but they either live on unexplored islands or outside described society. Although a kingdom may claim a large amount of land, that does not mean they are able to govern all of it.

Travel While overland travel is as mundane as always, travel overseas is a different matter entirely. Ships of all sorts stay on predetermined trade routes from one point to another. This does make piracy a large problem, but it is probably more dangerous to leave known waters. Ships that do so have a low probability of return, explaining the small amount of exploration. When possible, ships stay out of deep water, as it is rumored monsters lurk in the depths.

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