And now for something totally different

After “defeating” Inquisitor Morgan and the Morninglord, we all rendezvous at a pre-determined spot…because we’re smart like that. Upon reaching this spot Havyrn runs toward a shiny coming from a cave and we all follow her because it’s not a good idea to let poor young Havyrn wander off by herself. Once we are all inside, the door shuts and locks behind us, leaving us to behold a large room with 5 buttons that must be pressed in the correct order to open the door. Once this door has been opened, we come into a room that has a statue of an Androsphynx. The statue comes to life and asks us a riddle. We answer the riddle and are led through a door that has a symbol of what looks like fire on it. When we enter this room, another riddle is asked and a giant flaming sword appears. Niska tries to take it, but is only burned. However after studying it for a while, Sziegfried feels something familiar about the heat emanating from this blade, picks it up, and grins heavily as he now has a giant flaming sword to use. Once exiting that room we found ourselves in a giant sand room that had a huge worm lurking underneath the floor. Aageot quickly disposed of this worm and a rock turns into an elemental, asks us a riddle, and once it is answered, Havyrn recieves a cloak that turns her into a human. The next room is filled with water…and sharks. The sharks prove to be hard to dispatch of, but thanks to some charming by Ayame we disposed of them and out popped a nymph. This nymph was unable to seduce anyone…except the drow, who was smitten and had his wallet stolen. But in return a wonderful charismatic cloak was given to the newest member of the party: Dev. With a few rooms to go, we enter what looks to be the room that controls wind. But there is no fight in this room, so it is fairly easy to best the torrential winds. Once done with this, a silver ring appears, Ayame takes it, and turns invisible. Fun new toy for the druid. The next door happens to contain bones…lots and lots of bones. And once these bones move, they form a skeleton army. But thanks to Dev and her ability to smite the undead, they are easily taken care of. From the remains of these bones comes a dagger with a black handle that appears to suck the life out of whomever is stabbed by it. Aageot suddenly starts drooling, picks it up and does a happy dance. So now everyone has a nifty item exept Niska, but there is still one room to go. Or is there? Once we passed through the doorway we seemed to be surrounded by nothingness. And a large shadowy figure asks us a final riddle. When answered correctly Niska is then presented with a cube of pure oblivion. This unravels anything magical and will destroy almost everything if broken. He is very happy at his new toy. After a few more traps and taking down an iron golem, we are then faced with a choice: go back out to the continent that hates us, or enter through some creepy doorway. Aageot promptly chooses the latter and jumps headfirst through the door. But the others aren’t quite done yet. As they contemplate going after their drow companion, Niska and Ayame have a plan. Niska ties his oblivion cube to a rope, and connects it to Ayame. She then flies over the city that is home to Morninglord, drops the cube, and everything is immediately destroyed by the same giant shady figure that gave the cube to Niska. Once that is done about twenty minutes later, the rest follow Aageot through the doorway only to find themselves in a bright desert with footprints wandering in a random direction. Now they have no way back, and a missing rogue. I suppose this is where the fun part begins.

How the battle ended and the fun part began.

Inquisitor Morgan thought he had all of us cornered during the fight, but he was soon outdone by a mighty blow from Sziegfried and Havyrn. Once this happened, he promptly fell to the ground and was encased in his cloak. We can only assume that he’s dead. Havyrn, however, sees a small red shiny pop out of this cacoon-like structure and picks it up before hurrying away to safety along with the others.

Everything Falls Apart

Well, here’s the scoop. Pally in jail, damn. Cleric number 1 and the druid are captured by Morgan. Everyone else is in the swamp far away. Rogue, Duskblade and Centaur and the wolf are still free, they follow Morgan to Jalek where the pally is. Along the way they burn down a forest and the Duskblade catches himself on fire…even though he started the fire. While they are travelling, the palladin meets cleric number 2, hereafter being referred to as the hot chick. Palladin has time to realize he’s screwed. He also deals with being mocked and ridiculed, he is not happy. He realizes what a major fuckup he’s done and the hot chick was sent to solve the problems, but she got caught in an epic battle with thousands of guards…yeah, even I don’t believe that. Anyway the centaur, duskblade and rogue somehow manage to get inside the city without being caught, even though they are wanted and one of them is a centaur. The centaur is playing in the city while the rogue and duskblade are having fun storming the castle, which is where the palladin and hot chick are. The rogue uses a dusguise self spell to look like Morgan and pretends to turn the duskblade in. Along the way he meets Morninglord and realizes Neraka plans on attacking Andara, uhoh. Rogue manages to fool Morninglord, finds the palladin, druid, hot chick, but not cleric number 1. Cleric 1 is dead….Palladin is not happy. The party is back together again YAY! but they must escape. Unfortunately the rogue loses the dusguise spell, and is in drow form…palladin is not happy. Guards attack, party flees to the top of the tower to find… Morgan, who can fly using his cloak. Palladin is not happy. Palladin is furious, palladin charges to kill Morgan, and a long story short, Morgan pile drives palladin into the ground from 50ft up. BUT THE PALLADIN LIVES! but he’s not happy, luckily the centaur pulls him out of the hole his fall created. The rest of the party is finding ways to get off the roof, Morgan is on the ground chasing the centaur. The centaur is carrying the palladin. There are lots of guards around. the palladin is not happy, he has yet to smash someone since he broke out of jail. Morninglord is somewhere nearby, could he be watching? What is Morgan going to do? Will the palladin live? If the party survives how will they take the news that the rogue is a drow and Evil? What will they do to thwart the attack plans of Neraka? Tune in next time to find out!

On the Run Again

We all start off in the park yelling at each other. Hooray. Then, Szeigfried decides to go to the fountain and gets arrested. Yay. Aageot goes to find said tiefling and manages to get spotted. There is a shady man in a tower looking over everything like a badass with his shiny red eye. Like the smartest person in the world, Aageot runs into a small, dark alleyway while being supervised from above and chased by guards. Unsurprisingly, they corner him. Surprisingly, he dances over all 5 of their heads and makes his escape with a finesse that was amazing. Ayame turns into a seagull to survey stuff. Mr. Shiny-Red-Eye man picks a random seagull and shoots it (guess who it was!). Everyone except for Mr. Too-Good-to-Resist-Arrest high-tail it out of there and into the marsh.

I think that this is the point where I actually know what’s going on; the above is a sarcastic recap of what I think maybe possibly sort of happened. Kinda.

So anyway, we are all in the marsh and decide to rest because we’ve been running for a solid … day… or something. Ayame decides to take the third watch and is promptly shot in the head with a blunt object. She’s out cold. Aageot wakes up, takes one look at the situation, takes Ayame’s bow, and magically shoots Mr. Shady-Badass Man from 440 feet beyond the range of the weapon. O.o I don’t remember who got shot next, but at some point, Sarto is shot unconscious as well, Niska gets a sprained ankle from falling into a hole, and Aageot runs and hides like all good rogues should. As it turns out, Mr. Badass from before is an Inquisitor and has been tracking the party down. Hooray for us! Havyrn is supremely pissed at this point and circles around to try and sneak up on him from behind. Surprise! He anticipates her arrival, jumps on her back, and gets her with magic chains so that she can’t move her arms! Havyrn and Mr. Badass have a sort of rodeo-esque fight (he gets bucked off once or twice and slammed into a few trees), and then Skoosh pops up to tell Havyrn to be smart and leave. So she does. She goes and finds Aageot and Niska, who has by this point limped out of the hole and been helped into the tree by Aageot, and Aageot removes Havyrn’s shackles. They then proceed to get beasted by a bunch of bear traps set by Mr. Glowy-Eye man. They are saved by the appearance of undead (this seems rather familiar) and Mr. Inquisitor leaves with Ayame and Sarto strapped immobile on an invisible floating disc. The remaining three party members and a very unhappy wolf rest up, heal their more serious wounds, and follow the Inquisitor’s general direction. They stop when they see a fortress about 1000 feet away. They come to the conclusion that maybe they shouldn’t have pissed off every major power on the whole freaking continent.

Oh yeah, Sziegfried got transferred to the new city and we found a bag of heads.

Fun Times in Tarsis

We arrive in Tarsus minus a paladin and are led by Jhereg to an inn called the Chalice of Blood. Evidently he frequents it a lot because we have no problem getting a room. Jhereg pastes a death rune on the top of the door frame to which the code word is “skeleton”. The party disperses to explore this part of town and restock on supplies.

Jhereg heads toward a shady alleyway and Havyrn opts to tag along. They make their way through several sketchy dark alleyways and arrive at a very shady building. They go inside and Jhereg speaks to a very shady dealer who is completely cloaked in robes. While Jhereg gets supplies, Havyrn looks around and after touching something that touched back, wisely decides not to touch anything else. Jhereg gets a very large bag that is soaked with some sort of unidentifiable ooze. Havyrn decides not to look inside it. On their way back to the inn, three thugs jump them. They dispatch them with relative ease (Havyrn accidently pops one) and then proceed to finish running Jhereg’s errands. They then went to a slightly less shady store named Eye of Newt where Havyrn was told not to touch anything. Jhereg goes deeper into the store and Havyrn sits and waits, NOT TOUCHING ANYTHING. Next, they head toward the cemetery. Jhereg unlocks the gate and they both head inside. They get to a mausoleum and Jhereg once again unlocks the door. Havyrn pushes the door open for him and they both go inside. Unfortunately, there are several stairs so Havyrn cannot continue. Jhereg shapes an adorable little shadow thing which Havyrn names Skoosh, and she plays with it while he raids the place for bones. Their outing ends abruptly when Jhereg rushes past Havyrn saying it’s time to go. They leave the cemetary and go back to the inn. Skoosh is permanent and Havyrn is very happy! Jhereg is also very happy because he didn’t have to carry two large bags of stuff all over the world. They go back to the inn.

Aageot handed over his silver longsword and had the armorer reforge his scimitars so that they have silver in them. He also goes into the ranged weapon shop and discover that they can’t buy anything. Seigfried meets up with the sulky drow outside the shop and Aageot shows him where the inn is and how to get into the room. Seigfried leaves the inn and goes to the armory where he has his mace reforged to include silver. He then goes into the park to meditate.

At the end of day two, Jhereg is attacked by Szeigfried, a mercenary in half plate, and several other guards. Long story short, Jhereg expected the attack and scared everyone away except for Havyrn using a death rune spell. Once everyone is out of the room, the door slams and the password is changed. Havyrn tentatively knocks on the door to tell Jhereg that there are guards surrounding the inn. The door flies open. Havyrn sticks her head in and is told to come in quickly. She comes in to the sight of Jhereg working on giving his mount wings using his skeletons for materials. He points at the ceiling, blows it up, and then flies away on his mount, leaving Freddie to help Havyrn. A wizard of the guard finally gets the door open, but his triumphant face quickly falls as Freddie plows through everyone, conveniently crushing every stair on the way down and making a sort of ramp. Havyrn goes down the stairs and is confronted by several guards, clerics, and wizards. Freddie is gone. They all stare at each other for a while and Havyrn hangs her head and sniffles a little bit. Unsure of how to react, they all decide to ignore the random distressed centaur and go all CSI on the room upstairs. Havyrn makes her way to the rest of the party and they have a group meeting in the park. Szeigfried explains that he met up with the Morninglord while he was out of the city. He struck a deal that if he brought the necromancer’s dead body to Rhavin, he and the cleric would be pardoned. Havyrn proceeds to rant on the stupidity of two-legged people and seems to mature a little bit.

Making Negative Impressions, Are We?

So seriously people, feel free to add to this. It is in no way complete.

Upon arrival to Neraka, we go to Marshgrave keep and ask if the people there need our assistance. They scoff at us and decline our offer. Then we are attacked by an Allip. We defeat the Allip and are besieged by other undead. With the help of Morninglord Rhavin, the undead are fought off (he exploded the Morgh with a sunburst and it was awesome). We get our wounds healed and attempt to track the path of the one who controlled the undead. The rogue receives a hit on the Morninglord. The party is suspicious of the Morninglord because when the paladin detects evil on him, he explodes off the bed and hits the wall. And everyone else is suspicious of the party. Except for the centaur. They like her.

At first, we fail to find the path of the controller through the bog, but the Morninglord manages to find it. We use the path he located to make our way through the swamp. We find a creepy looking cave about 5 hours into the swamp, and it has another Allip guarding the entrance. The cleric manages to turn it, and it flees screaming into the darkness. Havyrn hears babbling that suddenly ceases. The party travels slowly and cautiously into the cave. The rogue, looking for traps the entire time, finds a door with two torches and a trap already sprung. We cautiously open the door, and a man in dark robes sits at a table in the middle of a well-lit room. The man turns out to be the one behind this attack, a necromancer named Jhereg. He explains to us that the Morninglord is actually a very bad man, and the only reason he’s attacking the town is to get to him. We form a plan to lure the Morninglord out of the town to deal with him without harming anyone else (the centaur gets drained levels and is sent alone through the swamp to get him. yay. sarcasm). He is sympathetic toward her emaciated appearance, heals her, gets on his horse, and thunders off toward the forest. Meanwhile, Jhereg prepared a cul-de-sac of doom and desecration. Havyrn stalls as best she can until the preparations are complete. (Hooray for broken legs!)

We are severely defeated (he smeared us against a tree or something) and make a run for it. Morninglord Rhavin was certainly more than he appeared. We escape, the necromancer using some bone dust to craft a skiff to make it across the sea. The blackguard chased us upon the back of a fiendish shark, and we barely managed to escape, the necromancer using the last ounce of both his strength and his supplies to create undead horses. We run deep through the night and only stop to give the exhausted centaur, who had been running the entire time and had just swam across a freaking channel, a measly 3 hours of rest. We continue on down a road to stay at the inn where everyone rests up. The necromancer suggests a path toward the port city of Tarsus. The paladin keeps a rear guard, but disappears.

Every Story Starts Somewhere, and This Time Not in Some Random-Ass Tavern

We begin in an empty dungeon in the city of Andarra, where the dark elf Aageot has been imprisoned, and is scheduled to be hung the next morning. Using a lockpick cleverly concealed in his mouth, he managed to open his cell door. He also attempted to open a large gate blocking him off from the rest of the prison, but was unable as the warden, alerted to the noise, came to investigate. In true drow fashion our sociopathic hero hid from sight and brained said unfortunate warden with a leg from a broken stool. Not content to merely lay his enemy low, Aageot proceeded to turn the warden’s brains to bloody pulp with his new truncheon, taken from the guard’s body. After braving and defeating a hall armed with various nasty traps and pitfalls, Aageot made it to the exit—and was promptly knocked out by someone.

The next morning, a young cleric of Tyr named Sarto and, his unlikely friend, a tiefling paladin named Siegfried were summoned to see the High Priest of Tyr. As they had come of age to spread to word of glory of Tyr to the world, they are sent on a diplomatic and aid mission to Marshgrave in Neraka, where the kingdom is under constant threat of undead attack. They have been promised two mercenaries to accompany them. As they ready to leave and wait for their new companions, Siegfried’s master-at-arms gifts him with full armor worthy of his new rank.

Ten or so blocks over in a crowded but less wholesome part of Andarra, a hanging is about to commence. On of the dark elves the people despise so much is being dragged towards the gallows by three well armed guards and a very dour looking cleric. As the noose goes down over his head, he expertly slips his bonds and quickly makes to escape—only to be halted by the shouted spell of the cleric, apparently expecting such an event. After a good bit of ridicule, hurled fruit, and a speech detailing the reasons for the execution of the dark elf Aggeot, he is shoved off his step-stool unceremoniously, unable to move in the slightest because of the paralysis spell placed on him. To the crowd he hangs stiff, as if already dead, unable to even struggle. It isn’t the best hanging, as victim cannot even fight vainly for breath for the crowd’s amusement. They wander off gradually, and after a while he is cut down and tossed into the waiting wagon of an undertaker. Of course, many would have been interested to know that rather than asphyxiate, Aageot, much to his surprise even, felt something just barely supporting him, saving him from death, if not intolerable discomfort. His savior happens to be a mercenary named Niska, a skilled fighter with a knack for certain flavors of magic. Aageot is then taken to a warehouse to meet the employers of his rescuer, and is offered an intriguing deal. He can have a Minor Amulet of Disguise, so long as he travels with a diplomatic delegation to Neraka, as his employers can scry perfectly around the wearer of the amulet. He agrees. Outside, a well-paid Niska is offered even more to make sure that a certain dark elf doesn’t skip out on a deal. Ever the mercenary, Niska agrees as well, and they head off towards the Temple of Tyr

(To be continued soon)

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