Havyrn Vri

Female, 6'5", 1800 lbs, dappled grey drum horse


HP: 46

STR: 18 DEX: 20 CON: 17 INT: 12 WIS: 17 CHA: 15

Initiative: 5

AC: 17 BAB: 3

Grapple: 7

Saves: fortitude: 4 reflex: 7 will: 6

Speed: 40 ft.

Feats: Centaur Trample (RoW pg. 149), Combat Reflexes (PH1 90) Quick Reconnoiter (CA 112)

Attacks: Hooves 1d4, Longbow 1d8, Silver longsword 1d8

Possessions: longbow, 40 arrows, 75 gp, messenger saddle, bone necklace, silver horse shoes.


Born from a tribe of a proud and once mighty people, the tribe of Arcus, Havyrn was a curious and adventurous filly. Always making her mother nervous for her safety, she would wander out of Nitor to play and explore. While on these ventures, she would practice shooting targets with her bow. Her goal in life was to become as strong and as skilled as she was able in order to compete in the Great Games, and to defeat her tribe’s rivals, members of the Efferus tribe.

Unfortunately, this soon changed.

Overzealous human traders from the kingdom of Andarra had left their predetermined route when they spied Cretus in the distance. The traders, anxious to find new sources of revenue and goods, landed on one of the islands. Most of the creatures living on Cretus were warned by Leonin scouts of the intruders and retreated to a secluded location. Havyrn however, was on one of her “adventures” around the island and was not warned. When she encountered the traders, they captured her as a rarity of the island not knowing she was a sentient creature. She was taken back to Andarra and immediately sold off to the highest bidder, who just so happened to have a zoo of exotic and unusual creatures.

Frightened and alone, and traumatized by the abrupt departure from her homeland, Havyrn tried her very best to escape. Unfortunately, being young as she was, she could not. She grew gaunt over the next few weeks as her keepers puzzled over what to feed her, but one day, one of the keepers dropped a sprig of grapes from his lunch pail while passing Havyrn’s enclosure. She promptly made a sort of rake to get the grapes with using a pole from her enclosure and some of the hair from her tail to tie it with. Once the keepers saw this, they began experimenting with other types of exotic fruits and vegetables and slowly, Havyrn reattained a healthy weight. Her action with the pole posed a serious question for the keepers however. If she was a sentient being, they could not keep her captive according to Andorran law. They eventually decided to keep this information secret from their master, as losing her would stem the renewed tide of visitors to their humble zoo.

One such visitor just so happened to be an elven druid by the name of Ayame. On a whim, she decided to visit this zoo to see which of the animals there could be sprung from their unnatural prison. Upon spying the centaur, she immediately knew of its sentient nature and stayed a while, studying the enclosure and formulating an escape plan. Havyrn noticed the elf standing there and studied her as well. Though there were not many physical differences Havyrn could see, this creature seemed somehow different from her captors.

That night, under cover of darkness, a white wolf slipped into the zoo. He stopped in front of Havyrn’s enclosure, sat, and waited. Curious, Havyrn stepped closer to the wolf. They studied each other for a moment, each fascinated by the appearance of the other. The wolf suddenly pricked his ears, and as if hearing a signal, leaped up, sidled through the bars of her cage, and bolted to the back of the enclosure. After recovering from her initial shock, Havyrn followed the wolf to where Ayame stood, waiting. Ayame led Havyrn to a weak spot in the wall that had been concealed with branches and vines. With only a little effort, Havyrn broke the rest of the way through. She has been with Ayame and her wolf, Kiba, ever since.

Havyrn Vri

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