On the Run Again

We all start off in the park yelling at each other. Hooray. Then, Szeigfried decides to go to the fountain and gets arrested. Yay. Aageot goes to find said tiefling and manages to get spotted. There is a shady man in a tower looking over everything like a badass with his shiny red eye. Like the smartest person in the world, Aageot runs into a small, dark alleyway while being supervised from above and chased by guards. Unsurprisingly, they corner him. Surprisingly, he dances over all 5 of their heads and makes his escape with a finesse that was amazing. Ayame turns into a seagull to survey stuff. Mr. Shiny-Red-Eye man picks a random seagull and shoots it (guess who it was!). Everyone except for Mr. Too-Good-to-Resist-Arrest high-tail it out of there and into the marsh.

I think that this is the point where I actually know what’s going on; the above is a sarcastic recap of what I think maybe possibly sort of happened. Kinda.

So anyway, we are all in the marsh and decide to rest because we’ve been running for a solid … day… or something. Ayame decides to take the third watch and is promptly shot in the head with a blunt object. She’s out cold. Aageot wakes up, takes one look at the situation, takes Ayame’s bow, and magically shoots Mr. Shady-Badass Man from 440 feet beyond the range of the weapon. O.o I don’t remember who got shot next, but at some point, Sarto is shot unconscious as well, Niska gets a sprained ankle from falling into a hole, and Aageot runs and hides like all good rogues should. As it turns out, Mr. Badass from before is an Inquisitor and has been tracking the party down. Hooray for us! Havyrn is supremely pissed at this point and circles around to try and sneak up on him from behind. Surprise! He anticipates her arrival, jumps on her back, and gets her with magic chains so that she can’t move her arms! Havyrn and Mr. Badass have a sort of rodeo-esque fight (he gets bucked off once or twice and slammed into a few trees), and then Skoosh pops up to tell Havyrn to be smart and leave. So she does. She goes and finds Aageot and Niska, who has by this point limped out of the hole and been helped into the tree by Aageot, and Aageot removes Havyrn’s shackles. They then proceed to get beasted by a bunch of bear traps set by Mr. Glowy-Eye man. They are saved by the appearance of undead (this seems rather familiar) and Mr. Inquisitor leaves with Ayame and Sarto strapped immobile on an invisible floating disc. The remaining three party members and a very unhappy wolf rest up, heal their more serious wounds, and follow the Inquisitor’s general direction. They stop when they see a fortress about 1000 feet away. They come to the conclusion that maybe they shouldn’t have pissed off every major power on the whole freaking continent.

Oh yeah, Sziegfried got transferred to the new city and we found a bag of heads.



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