Fun Times in Tarsis

We arrive in Tarsus minus a paladin and are led by Jhereg to an inn called the Chalice of Blood. Evidently he frequents it a lot because we have no problem getting a room. Jhereg pastes a death rune on the top of the door frame to which the code word is “skeleton”. The party disperses to explore this part of town and restock on supplies.

Jhereg heads toward a shady alleyway and Havyrn opts to tag along. They make their way through several sketchy dark alleyways and arrive at a very shady building. They go inside and Jhereg speaks to a very shady dealer who is completely cloaked in robes. While Jhereg gets supplies, Havyrn looks around and after touching something that touched back, wisely decides not to touch anything else. Jhereg gets a very large bag that is soaked with some sort of unidentifiable ooze. Havyrn decides not to look inside it. On their way back to the inn, three thugs jump them. They dispatch them with relative ease (Havyrn accidently pops one) and then proceed to finish running Jhereg’s errands. They then went to a slightly less shady store named Eye of Newt where Havyrn was told not to touch anything. Jhereg goes deeper into the store and Havyrn sits and waits, NOT TOUCHING ANYTHING. Next, they head toward the cemetery. Jhereg unlocks the gate and they both head inside. They get to a mausoleum and Jhereg once again unlocks the door. Havyrn pushes the door open for him and they both go inside. Unfortunately, there are several stairs so Havyrn cannot continue. Jhereg shapes an adorable little shadow thing which Havyrn names Skoosh, and she plays with it while he raids the place for bones. Their outing ends abruptly when Jhereg rushes past Havyrn saying it’s time to go. They leave the cemetary and go back to the inn. Skoosh is permanent and Havyrn is very happy! Jhereg is also very happy because he didn’t have to carry two large bags of stuff all over the world. They go back to the inn.

Aageot handed over his silver longsword and had the armorer reforge his scimitars so that they have silver in them. He also goes into the ranged weapon shop and discover that they can’t buy anything. Seigfried meets up with the sulky drow outside the shop and Aageot shows him where the inn is and how to get into the room. Seigfried leaves the inn and goes to the armory where he has his mace reforged to include silver. He then goes into the park to meditate.

At the end of day two, Jhereg is attacked by Szeigfried, a mercenary in half plate, and several other guards. Long story short, Jhereg expected the attack and scared everyone away except for Havyrn using a death rune spell. Once everyone is out of the room, the door slams and the password is changed. Havyrn tentatively knocks on the door to tell Jhereg that there are guards surrounding the inn. The door flies open. Havyrn sticks her head in and is told to come in quickly. She comes in to the sight of Jhereg working on giving his mount wings using his skeletons for materials. He points at the ceiling, blows it up, and then flies away on his mount, leaving Freddie to help Havyrn. A wizard of the guard finally gets the door open, but his triumphant face quickly falls as Freddie plows through everyone, conveniently crushing every stair on the way down and making a sort of ramp. Havyrn goes down the stairs and is confronted by several guards, clerics, and wizards. Freddie is gone. They all stare at each other for a while and Havyrn hangs her head and sniffles a little bit. Unsure of how to react, they all decide to ignore the random distressed centaur and go all CSI on the room upstairs. Havyrn makes her way to the rest of the party and they have a group meeting in the park. Szeigfried explains that he met up with the Morninglord while he was out of the city. He struck a deal that if he brought the necromancer’s dead body to Rhavin, he and the cleric would be pardoned. Havyrn proceeds to rant on the stupidity of two-legged people and seems to mature a little bit.



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