Everything Falls Apart

Well, here’s the scoop. Pally in jail, damn. Cleric number 1 and the druid are captured by Morgan. Everyone else is in the swamp far away. Rogue, Duskblade and Centaur and the wolf are still free, they follow Morgan to Jalek where the pally is. Along the way they burn down a forest and the Duskblade catches himself on fire…even though he started the fire. While they are travelling, the palladin meets cleric number 2, hereafter being referred to as the hot chick. Palladin has time to realize he’s screwed. He also deals with being mocked and ridiculed, he is not happy. He realizes what a major fuckup he’s done and the hot chick was sent to solve the problems, but she got caught in an epic battle with thousands of guards…yeah, even I don’t believe that. Anyway the centaur, duskblade and rogue somehow manage to get inside the city without being caught, even though they are wanted and one of them is a centaur. The centaur is playing in the city while the rogue and duskblade are having fun storming the castle, which is where the palladin and hot chick are. The rogue uses a dusguise self spell to look like Morgan and pretends to turn the duskblade in. Along the way he meets Morninglord and realizes Neraka plans on attacking Andara, uhoh. Rogue manages to fool Morninglord, finds the palladin, druid, hot chick, but not cleric number 1. Cleric 1 is dead….Palladin is not happy. The party is back together again YAY! but they must escape. Unfortunately the rogue loses the dusguise spell, and is in drow form…palladin is not happy. Guards attack, party flees to the top of the tower to find… Morgan, who can fly using his cloak. Palladin is not happy. Palladin is furious, palladin charges to kill Morgan, and a long story short, Morgan pile drives palladin into the ground from 50ft up. BUT THE PALLADIN LIVES! but he’s not happy, luckily the centaur pulls him out of the hole his fall created. The rest of the party is finding ways to get off the roof, Morgan is on the ground chasing the centaur. The centaur is carrying the palladin. There are lots of guards around. the palladin is not happy, he has yet to smash someone since he broke out of jail. Morninglord is somewhere nearby, could he be watching? What is Morgan going to do? Will the palladin live? If the party survives how will they take the news that the rogue is a drow and Evil? What will they do to thwart the attack plans of Neraka? Tune in next time to find out!



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