Making Negative Impressions, Are We?

So seriously people, feel free to add to this. It is in no way complete.

Upon arrival to Neraka, we go to Marshgrave keep and ask if the people there need our assistance. They scoff at us and decline our offer. Then we are attacked by an Allip. We defeat the Allip and are besieged by other undead. With the help of Morninglord Rhavin, the undead are fought off (he exploded the Morgh with a sunburst and it was awesome). We get our wounds healed and attempt to track the path of the one who controlled the undead. The rogue receives a hit on the Morninglord. The party is suspicious of the Morninglord because when the paladin detects evil on him, he explodes off the bed and hits the wall. And everyone else is suspicious of the party. Except for the centaur. They like her.

At first, we fail to find the path of the controller through the bog, but the Morninglord manages to find it. We use the path he located to make our way through the swamp. We find a creepy looking cave about 5 hours into the swamp, and it has another Allip guarding the entrance. The cleric manages to turn it, and it flees screaming into the darkness. Havyrn hears babbling that suddenly ceases. The party travels slowly and cautiously into the cave. The rogue, looking for traps the entire time, finds a door with two torches and a trap already sprung. We cautiously open the door, and a man in dark robes sits at a table in the middle of a well-lit room. The man turns out to be the one behind this attack, a necromancer named Jhereg. He explains to us that the Morninglord is actually a very bad man, and the only reason he’s attacking the town is to get to him. We form a plan to lure the Morninglord out of the town to deal with him without harming anyone else (the centaur gets drained levels and is sent alone through the swamp to get him. yay. sarcasm). He is sympathetic toward her emaciated appearance, heals her, gets on his horse, and thunders off toward the forest. Meanwhile, Jhereg prepared a cul-de-sac of doom and desecration. Havyrn stalls as best she can until the preparations are complete. (Hooray for broken legs!)

We are severely defeated (he smeared us against a tree or something) and make a run for it. Morninglord Rhavin was certainly more than he appeared. We escape, the necromancer using some bone dust to craft a skiff to make it across the sea. The blackguard chased us upon the back of a fiendish shark, and we barely managed to escape, the necromancer using the last ounce of both his strength and his supplies to create undead horses. We run deep through the night and only stop to give the exhausted centaur, who had been running the entire time and had just swam across a freaking channel, a measly 3 hours of rest. We continue on down a road to stay at the inn where everyone rests up. The necromancer suggests a path toward the port city of Tarsus. The paladin keeps a rear guard, but disappears.


That day was fun! I want Saturday to come now please.


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